energy sector


ELC lawyers have broad experience representing power sector clients, from obtaining new source air permits for traditional coal-fired and natural gas projects to obtaining renewable portfolio registrations for biomass plants. We closely follow developments at the intersection of energy and environmental law and advise clients on programs ranging from the Department of Energy’s renewable energy tax credit and “Grant In Lieu” programs, State Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards, biomass and alternative fuels regulation, USEPA’s cross-state air pollution transport programs (CAIR and CSAPR), Electric Utility MACT regulations, and Greenhouse Gas reporting and permitting regulations.
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oil refinery

Oil & Gas

Our experience covers a variety of petroleum and biofuels facilities and processes, including refineries, oil & gas production sites, coal gasification plants, hydraulic fracturing, retail marketing facilities and leaking underground tanks, petroleum storage and terminals, shipping, and ethanol production plants.
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Located in the Midwest, Environmental Law Counsel is a strong advocate for the biofuels industry. We have represented individual biofuels producers in permitting and litigation matters. We have also represented several biofuels industry associations in the USEPA Renewable Fuels Standards rulemaking proceedings (“RFS2”).
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chemical plant


At Environmental law Counsel we follow changes in the law affecting the Chemical Industry closely, advise on policy developments, and participate in rule-makings and significant public policy debates on behalf of chemical industry clients. Our expertise covers a variety of chemical facilities and processes, including specialty chemical production facilities, blending plants, on-site chemical warehouse facilities, petroleum refineries, petroleum terminals, and ethanol plants.
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manufacturing plant


Environmental Law Counsel has broad experience representing manufacturers of all stripes in environmental permitting, compliance and litigation matters. Our clients have included large and small businesses, from assembly line widget manufacturers to manufacturers of handcrafted medical tools and state-of-the art deep sea oil exploration equipment.
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waste management

Waste Management

Environmental Law Counsel brings years of experience representing clients in the waste management industry with permitting and compliance issues. We have represented owners and operators of active and closed landfills, operators of landfill-gas-to energy systems, and a variety of parties with closure or post-closure compliance responsibilities or CERCLA liabilities. We particularly enjoy assisting clients in obtaining approvals for projects involving unique waste streams or innovative technologies that “push the envelope” of existing regulations.
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real estate sector

Real Estate

The discovery of historic contamination often arises in the context of a transaction. Environmental Law Counsel has broad experience in contaminated property transactions. Our job is to understand and illuminate the environmental risks and structure solutions to manage them. It is important to perform vigorous environmental due diligence to understand the nature, scope, legal context and potential cost of an environmental issue.
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